Well, what do you want to know? Let’s see…

Danny and I have been married over 20 years. We met at church camp in high school and barely noticed each other. He came back as a college counselor and suddenly was very interesting to me especially since he had long hair, played the drums and could sing. Apparently he found me pretty interesting, too. We went to the same Baptist liberal arts university in small but fabulous Ottawa, Kansas. He was 22 and I was 20 when we got married. Yes, that caused a fuss for some people. No, we don’t regret it. We happily lived in Ottawa for a total of 15 years doing life with some of the best people God ever made.

Then in June 2010, we moved to Austin, Texas. Sigh. How we love that place! We’ve been quite contentedly living there the last six years. Have a great church, terrific Christian school (where I’ve been librarian for years). Our kids are happy and healthy and awesome! Life’s great.


But God.

Man, He can be pushy sometimes, can’t He? And He gave Danny this idea (I also blame a friend of ours who traveled for a year with her family awhile back. She started talking and Danny started listening and the next thing I know…we’re packing). Anyway, Danny had this horrible epiphany last August when our eldest turned nine. He said, “It’s halfway over. Our time with her is halfway gone.” And that fact settled in and took hold. What could we do to slurp up every drop of time with our kids? Live in an RV, obviously. So after Danny got a job where he can work from anywhere, we sold our home, our vehicles (including Danny’s beloved ’77 Jeep) and changed our entire lives.

I’m writing all of this down so some day the doctors will have record of our slow plummet over the edge of sanity and maybe it will do some good for others who consider this path. In the meantime, enjoy.

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